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Offering high-quality cleaning services and excellent customer satisfaction since 2010. We are a professional cleaning company providing reliable cleaning services to various organisations and commercial properties. Our business and reputation is based on us providing clients with professional and competitive cleaning solutions. Our team of cleaners are experienced, motivated and reliable.


Basic housekeeping duties include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, surface cleaning and kitchen and bathroom details, making sure all assigned areas of the home are clean, neat and tidy.


We professionally and hygienically clean anything you require from one piece of equipment to a full kitchen deep clean. We can provide you with a one off kitchen deep clean to a tailor made program to fit your cleaning requirements.


All our staff are fully trained, reliable and professional.


We offer the best quality service to all clients. Cleaning using the best equipment ensures that no damages occur to upholstery, floor and carpet during cleaning.


Our service is performed on time and it is very affordable, too.


Choose betwen domestic or commercial services

Daily or one time

Our friendly team offer daily contract cleaning, as well as a range of additional commercial cleaning services.

Great Support

Friendly 24/7 customer service


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Call 01483 866047 now or email us ! To make an appointment for one of our managers to come out and see you. We believe in the personal touch and finding out just exactly how you want your service you need.

Our top tier cleaners have worked for us for many years. Clearly new team members will have less experience but they receive plenty of support and training to ensure they meet our service standards very quickly.

Yes you can. You can select the actual time your cleaners attend.

With care and attention to detail. The majority of our cleaners are recommended to us.

Got more questions ? Contact us via phone or email! We would like to hear from you!

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Kitchen & Duct Cleaning

Why do our clients come to us?

  • Before and after photos on every job.
  • Certification issued for Insurance and general recording.
  • All staff CRB checked.
  • Friendly, courteous and well managed staff.
  • Fully insured.

Full Kitchen Deep Clean – Ducting – Fan – Filters

There is no easy way to carry out a kitchen deep clean. It’s a hard and dirty job, but we have a dedicated team of professionals equipped with the latest commercial dip tanks, steam cleaners, jet washers and de-greasers, to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do our very best to make sure that you business is not interrupted by our deep clean services.